Telling patient stories can pay off with social media

Are you telling stories that your audience wants to listen to?

Social media can be tricky in senior care, thanks to HIPAA regulations that require medical professionals to maintain a patient’s privacy. Some health care organizations refuse to promote their patients, and some advise their physicians and other professionals away from social media.

It’s easy to avoid all the complications that come with showcasing patients in social media. Obviously, patients must first agree to such practices through a legal release form, and not all patients are willing to do so. Those limitations have scared away many health care companies but they could be missing tremendous opportunities. In fact, 41 percent of patients use social media to gather health information. Here are three ways that senior care companies can showcase their patients through social media:

Again, any use of patients in social media must have their written consent in a release form. That first step can be the hardest, but patient stories are often some of the most shared items created by senior care companies. That’s a primary benefit of social media for senior care companies—getting the word out about what you do. Showcasing patients is one of the best ways to do it.

Have you showcased your patients in social media?

Kevin Cary is an account manager with Walker Marketing, Inc. You can read more from Walker Marketing, Inc. here.

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