Video: It’s not just about patient stories, silly

Live streaming of heart transplants and babies aren’t the only ways to promote your hospital. One Massachusetts hospital has a trove of content, contributed by its employees.

News is about people, and people love great stories.

Health care communicators may be missing prime opportunities to promote their:

  • Employees
  • Providers
  • Work culture (for recruiting)

Here’s a wonderful example of how to create powerful videos that focus on your staff. Baystate Health in Springfield, Massachusetts, has developed a series titled My Baystate Story.

Each segment features an employee who shares highlights of a particular life journey in his or her own words, which enhances viewer experience. Of course, the featured employees tie in how working at Baystate Health has played a significant role in who they are today, personally and professionally.

In this video, Karen Diaz talks about her humble beginnings, and how she “saw Baystate Health as an organization who cares.” Diaz says her dream of being a nurse has become reality. Diaz’ story is sprinkled with emotion and humility and, yes, that dreaded buzzword “authenticity.”

Communicators can identify these kinds of stories by listening and asking significant questions of their employees and colleagues. These folks may unknowingly be hiding your next great piece of content.


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