Warm weather brings out bicycles—and the risk of injuries

Two-thirds of accident deaths on bikes are due to traumatic brain injuries. Let’s remind patients about helmet safety and how to prevent all kinds of injuries.

Injuries on bicycles result in 580,000 visits to hospital emergency departments each year.

Cycles are a source of recreation, fun and exercise, but some outings bring pain and discomfort. This infographic states that too much riding can lead to an array of injuries:

  • 49 percent of riders suffer from neck pain

  • 30 percent feel discomfort in their lower back

  • 41 percent have pain in their knees

  • 31 percent report aches in their hands

Health care communicators can promote safe bicycling, including observing stop signs and traffic lights. The League of American Bicyclists encourages those who enjoy the hobby—adults and children alike—to:

  • Ride on paved roads and bicycle paths

  • Wear a properly fitted and approved helmet, even on short rides

  • Conduct regular checks of air pressure in tires and brake pads

  • Be sure growing children ride cycles that are properly fitted (frame size and saddle height)

  • Obey the rules of the road when riding near cars, such as using hand signals and being courteous

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