Why these experts think going viral is overrated

Join us at Disney World and discover how to create lasting engagement—you have one more day to save $200.

We’d all love to wake up to thousands of notifications and new followers on social media—the result of a tweet or video going viral overnight.

But the reality for today’s brands is that one outstanding post isn’t enough to move the needle. Here are just a few reasons from the experts at the Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications:

1. It’s about quality, not quantity. Having a lot of followers means nothing if they’re not engaging with your brand. That’s why American Airlines prioritizes customer interaction on online platforms.

2. Attention spans are short. Your viral tweet could quickly be forgotten for a cute animal video. The experts at Wendy’s know that a stream of engaging content is crucial for success.

3. Strategy matters. Organization leaders want to know how your social media campaigns drive business goals—something Grubhub does by building a brand voice consistent with organization values.

Discover more strategies for social media success from these organizations, as well as Disney Parks, Twitter, Nickelodeon, Amazon and more. Join us on March 6–8 at Walt Disney World Resort for this one-of-a-kind conference.

You only have one more day to save $200 on this unforgettable conference.

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